EagleNet ISP is a trademark that was created to provide the Lebanese market with wide range of Internet Solution Access. After its launch in 2003, EagleNet quickly established itself as the fastest browsing Internet solution provider with its ability to provide customers with either wired solution or wireless solution for home, business and education customers. EagleNet has very close relationship with different ISPs and always provides its customer with the optimal solution based on its customer needs. EagleNet provides a wide range of quality Internet Services for the home user and for the business market. To ensure complete control of the quality of service we provide to our customers, EagleNet use state-of-art equipment to facilitate the network management and operation and to allow a fast incorporation of any newly available services and technologies. In addition to a variety of value added services available to our customers, EagleNet offers fast, reliable Internet connection service, secure hosting service and business e-mail solutions to meet your needs.

Support area

Customer Hotline ( 9am-5pm ): 01/755840 , 70705888

Support E-Mail: support@eaglenet.net.lb